The things you never realized you never wanted to hear from someone you've never heard of.

westerly waiting

glittering and gleaming
back at me, the sea
is reflecting a litany
of past memories, smiling, remembering
a legacy

and so the sun sat down for its feast
westerly waiting
for evermore east

i miss

i really miss so many of you
not forgotten, far away
so if i happen to be near you
may i visit you some day?

if time, or death or happenstance is
keeping us apart my friend
hopefully as time advances
i’ll be just around the bend

wish you were here

i wish i had
half as many friends
as the piece of shit
across the hall

that could come and visit
every day
and make enough noise
to drown them out

i wish you were here

and away they went

all the smart ones ran away
to far away places
to forget what they were faced with
when they were young

and all the rest were left behind
you say “what about” and i say