westerly waiting

glittering and gleamingback at me, the seais reflecting a litanyof past memories, smiling, rememberinga legacyand so the sun sat down for its feastwesterly waitingfor evermore east

i miss

i really miss so many of younot forgotten, far awayso if i happen to be near youmay i visit you some day?if time, or death or happenstance iskeeping us apart my friendhopefully as time advancesi’ll be just around the bend

wish you were here

i wish i hadhalf as many friendsas the piece of shitacross the hallthat could come and visitevery dayand make enough noiseto drown them outi wish you were here

and away they went

all the smart ones ran away to far away places to forget what they were faced with when they were young and all the rest were left behind you say “what about” and i say nevermind