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Amazon Echo Ring

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Like You

Like You

I made this last year under an alter ego, Rhys Carter Black, that I thought would be more unique and more marketable. I was wrong. Here you go. Like You by Ryan Prescott



Big thanks to the mysterious Danzig Armen (the dang cigar man) for providing the voiceover. I did all the actual work.

Hi. I’m Ryan.

Welcome to this part of the internet that I dump stuff on.

I’m an IT guy for a small college in Maine. When I’m not predisposed with ensuring that the young minds of our great nation can access the educational content offered by our fine institution, I’m usually at home programming, making music, writing skits, and as a whole combining my love of computers with audiovisual concepts and tools to further my creative vision.

I have been using computers to accomplish creative goals from a young age, forever marrying my brain cells to a series of bits on various hard drives. I have no formal training in media, so expect some thoroughly polished turds on this page.

Feel free to look around. Thanks for visiting.


Sincerely, the chubby man on the other side of the screen,
Ryan Prescott

This is me. I’m sort of funny shaped, but I have a big heart and a kind soul.


Writings; poems; other forms of placation. 


A smattering of the inside of my brain, laid out for all to see.


Things I’ve written that I hope you might find useful.


Go ahead, get it off your chest! No one’s watching you type.

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